Fisher Auto Parts 
  • Replace lamps/Repair wiring for business signage
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • Corrected lighting and communication issues
  • Trimmed treeline surrounding high voltage wires
City of Bucyrus
  • Installed security cameras on town square
Haydocy Automall
  • Parking lot lighting/Shop lighting/Electrical outlets
  • Replaced lamps/Cleaned,repaired business signage
  • Installed electric eyes and motors on overhead doors
  • Installed lighting timers for energy savings and security
  • Installed EV charging outlets 
Little Caesars
  • Installed drive-thru lighting/ Repaired parking lot lighting
Arby's Restaurants/ H & R Block
  • Replaced dining area/Parking lot lights/Business sign 
  • Replaced lighting ballasts in cooling units
  • Added programmable timing to menu boards